Time: 25-28, August,2016
Venue :Faku Caihu resources Airport
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Shenyang Municipal Government
Undertaking units:
Shenyang Sub-council of China Council for the Promotion of custom writing International Trade
Fafu County Municipal Government
Performing units:
Shenyang Action Advertising Media Co, Ltd.
Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce in Shenyang
Fashion Life Guide
Supporting Units
Catic Helicoper Co., Ltd
Avic Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd
Avic General Aircraft Co., Ltd
China Shipping Group, Haifeng Navigation
Liaoning China Aviation general aviation Co., Ltd
Liaoning United Aviation Magic Swallow Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Liaoning Ruixiang General Aviation Co., Ltd
Liaoning Yijia General Aviation Co., Ltd
4th Shenyang International Aviation Expo is the only state-approved trade event in Northeast China,which is also one of the biggest international general aviation expos in China. With 100,000㎡ professional exhibition areas, 1,200 runway, 5th Shenyang Faku International Flight Conference covers more than 4,000 professional buyers and engineers and the whole industry chain suppliers in the field of aviation production, operation and maintenance, airport management, aviation school training and industrial park. It is also an important platform to establish brand image, meet potential buyers and promote industrial communications.
5th Shenyang Faku International flight conference and 2016 Shenyang International Aviation Expo attracts the most professional clients and and makes you in the leading position in the fierce market competition.
With nearly 80 aircraft frame, and 60 airplanes in 27 different kinds,2015 Shenyang International Aviation Expo has achieved fruitful results. With AVIC Changhe aircraft industry Co., Ltd, Haifeng Shipping Technology Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Screaming Eagle Airlines Co., Ltd, 34 airlines exhibitors, nearly 600 professional buyers participated in the exhibition and enterprises exchange has reached remarkable results. With selling 37 aircraft and reaching 165 million yuan of contract and signing 12 aviation services projects and 16 aviation business cooperation projects, the expo achieved 1.2 billion cooperation agreement.
2015 Shenyang airshow held “Tanabata” romantic air wedding and started the ceremony of “million people on the blue sky” of general aviation dream and China general aviation model contest and international aircraft model contest and manufacturing, and aviation knowledge and amusement wind tunnel experience and fire extinguishing drill. With more than 40 million people came to visit, the expo achieved unprecedented results.
Stunt Flying Performance
Static Display of Aircraft
China Shenyang International General Aviation Summit
Flying Performance and Flight Experience
Shenyang Airshow Project Signing Ceremony
Youth Aviation Summer Camp
Aviation Carnival
Exhibition Range
Aircraft Manufacturing Industry
Aircraft Research and Manufacturing Industry、Airplane Assembling、High-end Equipment Manufacturing、Airplane Componets、Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Aviation Materials、Aviation Instruments、Electrical Equipment、Engine Research and Manufacturing、Communication and Radar Systems
Aviation Operation
Aviation Club、Aviation Lease、Management Facility
Aviation Operation Infrastructure and Service
Airport Construction、Airplane Maintenance and repair、Aviation Training、Aviation Finance and Insurance、Airplane Decoraton、
Flight Simulator、Aviation Modelling、Media
Exhibitors Contact:
The Organizing Committee : Shenyang CCPIT
Wechat Number:syaifei