GA Shenyang 2014 – General Aviation Products Expo Shenyang • China 2014 - General Aviation Shenyang 2015
GA Shenyang 2014 – General Aviation Products Expo Shenyang • China 2014

GA Shenyang 2014

The International General Aviation Products Expo Shenyang China (hereinafter referred as GA Shenyang) is the exclusive general aviation industry tradeshow approved by the Central Government of China, PRC. GA Shenyang was firstly hosted concurrently with the Shenyang International Flight Performance in 2013 which was at its second presentation. GA Shenyang 2014 will be a grand event that integrates flight performances, GA exhibits, conferences and special activities in the time span of five days in late August.

It is predicted that more than 5,000 general aviation aircrafts are in demand in China by 2017 which will account for 12% of the world’s total. The estimated value of the demand for GA aircrafts will reach 100 billion yuan in the coming 10 years that will become the drive force of economic growth of the country.


Organizers‘ Chart


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Shenyang Municipal People’s Government


Civil Aviation Administration of China
Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force Command
AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Aerospace University
Research Institute of Liaoning General Aviation
Liaoning Air Sports Association


Shenyang Sub-council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Faku County People’s Government
Liaoning General Aviation Development Co., Ltd.
Dalian Xinghai Exhibitions Co., Ltd.


2014 Expo Highlights

  • The GA Products will be highlighted to increase the importance of the expo to foster the development of aviation industry in Northeast China.
  • Full support has been achieved from Shenyang Municipal Government that will invite interested investors to visit the city and the expo.
  • Governmental subsidies will be given to exhibitors who take part in the Static Displays with GA aircrafts to Faku. GA manufacturers are encouraged to show their innovations.
  • Lifestyle exhibits are introduced to the expo for the first time. Yacht will be another eye-catching exhibit in the airport located right on the shore of Caihu Lake. 
  • Varied concurrent activities will be hosted during the expo to meet the interests of the visitors, like on-water cruises, around the lake bicycle race, etc.
  • Targeted group of visitors will be invited from governmental bodies like medical administration, forest protection, agricultural governance, electricity grid etc.
  • Full scope of service will be provided to exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees to overcome the difficulties to host the expo in a suburban area.


Exhibition Programs

  • Aircraft Static Exhibits Display
  • GA Products Exhibition
  • Yacht & Lifestyle Exhibits
  • Flight Performances
  • General Aviation Forums
  • Other Special Activities


Review of GA Shenyang 2013

GA Shenyang 2013 was held in Faku GA Airport of Shenyang from September 20 to 22. The exhibition space reached 20,000 square meters with 50 GA aircrafts in static display. Professional visitors were invited from over 500 companies domestic and abroad including America, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, etc, while the total visiting population reached some 15,000. The contract value of investment achieved 2.13 billion yuan, among which industrial investment was up to 1.7 billion yuan. Totally 23 aircrafts were sold during the exhibition.


The Venue – Faku GA Industrial Base and the Airport

Faku is a suburban county located in the northeast of Shenyang City. The Faku GA Airport, where the exhibition is held, is one part of the GA Industrial Base fully backed by Liaoning Provincial Government. It’s one of the four approved low attitude opened areas by the National Air Traffic Control Committee. There is no strong wind throughout the year but with clear space. Faku is well connected with the national highways.

A number of manufacturing and assembly projects have been located in the GA Industrial Base, including the AVIC Shenyang’s aircraft assembly project with George Heinz Group of USA, IMC Group’s GA Industrial Park, manufacturing projects from the State of Wichita, Reignwood’s GA center and other investments.


Why Shenyang?

Advantages in Aviation Industry:

  • Shenyang is the cradle of China’s aviation industry and one of the key aviation industry bases in China.
  • Shenyang has over 60 years’ history in aviation manufacturing and it has rich experiences in aviation products manufactruing and powerful manufacturing capacity.
  • Shenyang has more than 100 aviation enterprises and institutions, including three key state-owned aviation-manufacturing enterprises affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC): Shenyang Aircraft Group Corporation,Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group and Shenyang Xinhua Aviation Electrical Company, as well as three state-level key institutes: Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute, Shenyang Aero-Engine Design Institute and Shenyang Aerodynamic Institute.
  • Shenyang National Aviation and High Technology Industrial Base (SNAHTIB), authorized to be a national-level industrial base by National Development and Reform Committee in February 2008, is being developed in Shenyang.

 Advantages in Human Resources:

  • Shenyang has now nearly 5,000 technical professionals in aviation industry, including more than 30 academicians, 200 researchers and 1000 senior engineers

 Advantages in Transportation:

  • Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is the largest airport in northeast China, Which has 123 flight routes opened, 102 domestic and 21 abroad
  • It only takes one hour from Beijing to Shenyang , and two hours from Shanghai to Shenyang by airplane


Exhibit Categories

  • General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturing
  • GA aircraft R&D,manufacturing
  • High-end equipment manufacturing
  • Aviation supplies,instruments and avoinics
  • Engine R%D and manufacturing
  • AirBorn and ground equipment R&D
  • General Aviation Operation
  • GA clubs,aircraft lease and GA operation agencies
  • Infrastructures and Sevices of GA Operation
  • GA airport and construction
  • Aircraft maintenance and repair
  • GA training
  • Aviation finance and insurance
  • Aircraft interior
  • Flight simulator
  • Aircraft model
  • Media
  • High-end consumer goods
  • High-end real estate, yachts, luxury car, Recreational Vehicle, watches


Participation Costs

  1. Exhibitor Shell Scheme Booth (3m×3m):Domestic ¥9800;International $2000(Extra 10% for corner booth)
  2. Indoor Raw Space (Minimum 36 m²):Domestic ¥950/ m²;International $225/ m² (Raw Space with no facilities)
  3. Outdoor Raw Space (Minimum 80 m²):Domestic ¥750/ m²;International $175/ m² (Raw Space with no facilities)


Exhibition Services

The Exhibitor’s Service Manual will become available by the end of June 2014. Please refer to the service items that the Organizers and the contractors are going to provide, but you can review some basic guidance.


  • Exhibits transportation & logistics will be handled by an appointed contractor.
  • The stand contractor will take care of shell scheme construction, stand furniture, lighting, power supply etc. 
  • For bare space stands, the Organizer will recommend local official contractors.


  • The calendar of conference program will be released on the official website.
  • The conferences are open for free registrations through the website, and the attendees will get the badge beforehand or can claim it when arriving at the expo.
  • Journalists and reporters can register on site before entering the expo.


  • The Organizer will provide the hotel service for expo attendees who can choose to stay in Faku County or in downtown Shenyang. Please be noted that shuttle bus service is available at official hotels except for the public transports.
  • Shuttle buses will be arranged between official hotels in Shenyang and the Shenyang.  


  • Free shuttle buses will be arranged to transport the professional exhibitors and visitors between downtown Shenyang and Caihu Airport in Faku. Locations of the bus stations with a map will be available soon.
  • With the Parking Coupons to be provided by the Organizer, exhibitors could pull up their vehicles in the specific parking area.


  • Food, drinking water and beverages are available inside the airport. 
  • The Lounge will be set up close to or inside the BIG TENT for the business negotiations where a coffee shop will provide catering service. 


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